•  100% All-natural product  
  •   Helps support hoof moisture levels  
  • Improves hoof strength
  •   Promotes healthy growth 
  •   Helps to solve most hoof problems  
  •   Non-caustic formulation


Our team consists of highly qualified horse professionals. Once we got tired of products that made promises, but did not solve hoof problems, we decided to make our own - which will definitely work. To do that, we combined the many years of experience of our professionals and our knowledge in microbiology and medicine, as a company producing dietary supplements for pets. This is how Hoof Doctor came about.


Birch Bark Extract

Betulin, its main component, has a wide variety of well-known and proven healing properties

Omega 3 Oil

An aid in healing of wounds, moisturizing dry and brittle hooves, source of Vitamins A & D

Vitamins A & D

Complement other ingredients to promote tissue repair and strengthen the keratinization process.

No Harmful Products

Non-caustic formulation, no harmful or petroleum-based products

There are no other ingredients

Before selling, we received a licence and Veterinarian Health Product number (NN.B8J2) from Health Canada. We have tested Hoof Doctor on more than 1000 cases. We have seen in practice that it gives excellent results. And therefore, we confidently say that Hoof Doctor:

HELPS FIGHT THE Following Hoof Problems:

  •  White Line Disease / Seedy Toe  (an aid to fight the pathogens in cracks)
  • Thrush 
  • Abscesses (an aid to fight the pathogens & dryes)
  • Hoof Wall Cracks
  • Quarter Crack (an aid to fight the pathogens in cracks)
  • Corns and Sole Bruises
More about using Hoof Doctor

We are genuinely confident in our product's quality and we do our best to earn your trust

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If you're not satisfied with Hoof Doctor, contact us and immediately get your money back.

(av. return rate - about 0.3%)

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Hoof Doctor
Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor

$49.99 CAD
Hoof Doctor / 1 Gallon
Hoof Doctor / 1 Gallon
Hoof Doctor / 1 Gallon

Hoof Doctor / 1 Gallon

$290.99 CAD

Mode of Application:

  • Shake well before use
  • Clean the hoof of visible mud. Towel dry the bottom of the foot
  • Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the sole and frog then put foot down, and apply to the coronet band and wall
  • No wait time (maybe a couple of minutes) and you can turn out right away

The product has a distinctive smoky smell

Apply three (3) times a week
For severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week

Audrey Van Driessche

Facebook review

This product literally saved my horses lives...2 horses with severe white line!
Easy to apply, ships fast, and very responsive to all your questions
Highly recommend 

Jennifer Little

Facebook review

I have tried every product for years and just threw my money on the ground pretty much! White line had just about destroyed my Mules hooves. My heart was broken!
I received HD and immediately applied aggressively for the 1st seven days.
3rd week had her shod for the 1st time in years.... years!!!!
Thank you Hoof Doctor!!!!!❣️

Mindy Fancher Haste

Facebook review

Will definitely buy more. This has been the best thrush treatment I've ever used. I haven't needed to use any other treatments beside this. Thrush was cleared up in two weeks with every 3day applications. I use twice a week now as a preventative. The soles look better and are thickening up quicker then I expected.